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The mobile space is different. Standards are changing every day, and what is popular one day may be obsolete the next. This leaves only two options: Be a visionary, or be left behind. Let us assist you with all of your mobile needs.

Mobile Strategy

Whether you are an entrepreneur or enterprise Corporation a mobile strategy and roadmap are the foundation of any mobile program. Through our collaborative approach, we align your business goals, user needs, and technology landscape for a plan that will get you where you want to be.


Specifications Document

The initial specifications document is where our team truly dives into the technical aspects of your application. Your dedicated team will get to know the ins and outs of your project and goals and get the details down on paper. This helps ensure that both our team and yours are on the exact same page from the start on all the fine details.

The specifications document is the blueprints to your mobile app. This is critical for attaining excellent results and under budget pricing.


Developer Matching

Let us match you with the right mobile app developer. Our global network of Mobile developers, engineers, designer and testers are without a doubt the industry leaders in app development. TKM has personally screened and qualified every company in our partners network to in sure that they meet our high standards. Let us assist you in achieving the most competitive pricing for the industry top app development firms.


App Marketing

The most critical component to any mobile app is marketing.  Let us provide you with a detailed marketing strategy for your mobile app. This service provides detailed market analysis that identify and target key sectors that ensure higher success and stronger ROI for your campaign.  We measure our marketing success by downloads, just as our clients do.


We are your mobile consulting and solutions company.

TK Mobility is your mobile consulting and solutions company. We design, develop  and create marketing strategies for mobile app’s, for a wide variety of organizations. We have our finger on the pulse of the mobile industry; we consistently integrate new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of an ever changing market.

Let us assist you with building a better and more cost efficient mobile strategy.

Why Us

Why use TK Mobility for your mobile project? Because we’re not an app development shop, that will tell you what you want to hear to get your business.

As a professional consulting company, TK Mobility provides your organization the experience and expertise to achieve their goals with whatever your mobile needs are. Our team provides you with decades of experience to ensure you that your mobile project is being developed by the industries best at the most competitive prices.

Think of TK Mobility as your in-house Chief Mobile Officer.

Our initial consultation and evaluation of your mobile project is free. So contact us today at +1 888.996.0002 or

Our Approach

The mobile space is different and rapidly evolving. Standards are changing every day, and what is popular one day may be obsolete the next. This is way it’s critical to have someone on your team that is experienced in the mobile industry and aligned with your best interest.

Our goal for our clients is to create the road map to achieving success and provide them with the tools to execute. We believe that all projects must have objectives and the ability to measure success.

Our Approach with our clients is:

  • Define the Project
  • Define Cost and Budget
  • Establish Objectives
  • Document and Frame Project
  • Create Marketing Strategy


Agency and MDM Solutions

Are your clients requesting a mobile app for Corporate internal usage, or an outbound marketing campaign?

The TK Mobility Agency Solution  is a unique service targeted at firms that handle numerous mobile projects for their clients.

TK Mobility manages the entire mobile application biding process out to our network of pre-screened developers. Providing your agency with a mobile industry expert in your corner. All for FREE.

The service provides:

  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Bidding
  • Project Management

Let us deliver to you the most competitive project pricing from the industries leading application developers and minimize typical project risks.  A no cost, solution for Advertising and Marketing Agencies that improves project margins, minimizes risk and reduces the need for in full house teams in the ever changing mobile application development space. What could be easier?

To learn more about this Agency and MDM Solutions, contact a TKM representative at +1 888.996.0002 or at

Let get started building your Mobile App today.

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free mobile project evaluation and start you mobile project.


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TK Mobility is a leading mobile consulting firm. We empower organizations to take full advantage of modern mobility. With a constant finger on the pulse of the mobile industry, we consistently provide our clients with innovative and powerful solutions to assist them in navigating and solving their most challenging problems in the mobility ecosystem. Our expertise can provide your business with high-impact solutions for whatever your mobile needs are today or in the future.



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